Cactus is a border. Cactus borders water and sand, gentle and harsh, it borders life and death. Cactus is a collective that interfaces borders. It is inter-national, inter-cultural, inter-disciplinary, inter-fering. It is a support structure for making and sharing performance work, conceived by Thais Mennsitieri (Brazil), Dafne Louzioti (Greece) and Noora Baker (Palestine) in 2012.

Cactus forges a model for co-llaborative work seeking co-motion based on connectivity across spaces and disciplines. Cactus is built on the meshing of practices in dance, theatre and the visual arts, looking to innovate, challenge the given, remain politically potent and still manage to entertain [from Old French entretenir, from entre- mutually + tenir to hold, from Latin tenēre]. Cactus uses the body as language, language as landscape and the landscape as motion.

Cactus is a border. It is the borderland between logic and passion. It is the place where mathematics and poetry cross. It is the interface where audience and performer reimagine their roles. It is ideas made palpable through the body. Cactus is where possibility becomes possible.