The Collective

CACTUS performance. art. collective. is international, intercultural, interdisciplinary, interfering.

CACTUS was founded in 2012 by Thais Mennsitieri (Brazil), Dafne Louzioti (Greece) and Noora Baker (Palestine). The collective explores how performance can poetically engage audiences with issues that are relevant to today’s world.


CACTUS uses the body as language, language as landscape and the landscape as motion.

CACTUS develops collaborative work seeking co-motion based on connectivity across spaces and practices. Built on the meshing of dance, theatre and the visual arts, CACTUS strives to innovate, challenge the given, remain politically potent and still manage to entertain.


CACTUS is the interface where audience and performer reimagine their roles.

The performer-audience relation is an essential element in the development of all the collective’s works. This relationship is a central structural device in the making process and is always an active one in performance.


CACTUS works in non-conventional spaces and uses conventional spaces unconventionally.

Whether within or outside theatre space, or in public spaces, CACTUS works site-responsively, engaging, questioning and often subverting what each space offers.


CACTUS is a support structure. It is ideas made palpable through the body.

Mennsitieri, Louzioti and Baker came together while each was looking to bridge perceived gaps between the boundaries of their artistic practice. A need to develop a flexible but supportive structure for the creation of research-based performance work that is not confined by geographic location or discipline was the glue for the formation of the collective.