Here Inside

Dear Miss T

Today I woke up with ten thousand butterflies trapped inside my chest.

Yesterday there seemed to be only a dozen but last week they were more than six thousand. Sometimes I even feel like they´ve finally left me, but then I realize that maybe they were just asleep or hiding somewhere. They always seem to come back and reproduce and reproduce and reproduce, it´s so annoying, I can never guess what they´re up to. Today they beat their wings so fast, and it hurts right here.I think it´s time they went now, can you please tell me how to set them free?

I´ve tried everything, I swear. I smoke to see if they burn, I drink to see if they drown or I take pills just to knock them out. I think it´s not working. And I always end up with ulcers in my mouth. Maybe I´m doing something wrong… Can you please show me the right way?

Sometimes there are so many of them that they make my spine curve, my feet heavy and paralyze my entire body.I sink. I open my mouth really wide to let them out… nothing happens.But here is the weird thing Miss T, they are so beautiful! They just need to fly.

The ice cream van! It´s just around the corner!

 It´s fluttering sound makes me want to run to the frozen joy of the ice cream. Always the same story since I was a child…

I think I´m going back to bed now, it always seems better when I sleep, I can´t hear the butterflies.

I´ll be waiting for your advice Miss T, but please be quick! I don´t want them to get comfortable.



by Thais Mennsitieri