How can we play nicely when some of us have louder voices than others? In a surreal arena created with lights, sound and movement, two women test their limits through a series of power games as they try to find their voices in a frenetic fight over the spotlight.

Freely inspired by silent movies and clowning double-acts, Sensored is a rule-based performance that builds its logic in full view of the audience using a language of gestures derived from political speeches and exploring themes of power, control, oppression and voicelessness. With sophisticated use of simple mechanisms of lights and sound, a sharp sense of humour and poetic heroism, this movement-based and highly visual piece is a metaphor of a competitive and cruel society, where being seen and heard is all that mattes.


Galway Dance Days Festival (Galway, Ireland, 2015)

RCDF, Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival (Palestine, 2014)

REVEIL, Arab Theatre Gathering (Egypt, 2013)

PERFORM NOW! #3 (Switzerland, 2013)

Hakaya Festival (Jordan, 2013)

George Wood Theatre (London, 2012)

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Created and performed by Thais Mennsitieri and Noora Baker

Lighting operator: Dafne Louzioti