The Shape of Water #2: Residency

The Shape of Water #2: Palestine took place in the small village of Bir Nabala, Palestine in May 2014 and was devised in collaboration with artists from El-Funoun Dance Troupe and Al Harah Theatre. The presentation in Bir Nabala was the culmination of a ten-day intensive residency in an abandoned building near the segregation wall.

After an intensive reseach process in which we explored the space, discussed the concept of an active audience and experimented with objects, light and sound to create a different images, actions and stories, we devised an intimate 20 minutes promenade performance that was presented twice in order to contain the amount of audience who came to see the show.
Inspired by the powerful energy, physical state and history of our abandoned site and the personal experience of each participating artist, we invited and led the audience through a ghost factory – which uses as fuel the presence of the audience – and works through the manipulation of water and dust to keep a pot of flowers alive.
The Shape of Water is a collaborative artistic residency created with the intention to modify and reshape itself according to what each new space and participating artist bring into the process.
Participating artists:
Alaa Abu Saa’ (Palestine)
Anas Abu Oun (Palestine) 
Ata Khattab (Palestine)
Atta Nasser (Palestine)
Christin Hodali (Palestine)
Dafne Louzioti (Greece)
Noora Baker (Palestine)
Riham Isacc  (Palestine) 
Thais Mennsitieri (Brazil)

This project is supported by:
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