The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water is an international collaborative project based on a series of residencies bringing together artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to explore new ways to engage the audience in site-specific performance. After its first phase in London, The Shape of Water travelled to Bir Nabala, Palestine and was reshaped in collaboration with artists from El-Funoun Dance Troupe and Al Hara Theatre.

The Shape of Water #1

The Shape of Water #2: Residency

The Shape of Water departs from the principle that water has no form but takes instead the form of the space it occupies, and that an occupation is inherently unstable and temporary. With that in mind, this project explores how this conception of occupation can be developed artistically through the body (water) in the context of a specific space (the container). The Shape of Water is designed around the idea that established structures are transformed into new ones and will always carry residues of previous states.  Space is transformed by those who occupy it and in turn, the occupants are also transformed after residing in it.

As artists we arrange, rearrange, gather, divide and upturn a chosen space and its occupants in a series of games and mishaps.

The Shape of Water is based on a structure whose content will change depending on the context and input of additional artists occupying and working in a specific space in their cities. Its participatory nature, which includes the widest range of professionals, both in terms of discipline and experience, creates a fertile ground for new ideas and materials to be created.

The Shape of Water explores the diversity of human experience through the lens of the arts and the idea that each culture / society has of occupation and territory. Individual stories, cultural and political reports introduced into the process by each of the participants form the core material of performance action. The international nature of this project reflects the constitution of CACTUS, but above all, is driven by the belief that diversity and different voices allow each individual to obtain a better understanding of themselves and their culture. Devised and performed by Thais Mennsitieri, Noora Baker and Dafne Louzioti.

This project is supported by:

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