Way In

A site-specific piece devised in a stairwell. It is an invitation into a world of illusion, subversion and fragmentation. Way In takes the audience on a journey, creating an atmosphere that questions the nature of where one is and where one is heading. By shifting perspective, this piece creates a sense of disorientation and endlessness, subverting the idea of transit in the city of London. Way In reflects on the repetitive cycle of daily transit and opens the audience’s perspective to see extraordinary things in what seems ‘ordinary’.  In this bizarre passage where things happen and unfold, Way In redefines the role of the observer and the observed, the performers and the audience.

A collaboration between CACTUS members Thais Mennsiteiri and Noora Baker and artists Chi Lee, Leigh Tredger and Mallika Prasad.

Watch the Video

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/72183728 w=500&h=281]